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British American Newborn Care

British American Newborn Care


KB, Career Nanny

“I cannot recommend this agency enough. I am a British Nanny with twenty seven years of experience so I have encountered many agencies both here and London during my working life. It did take time for me to find the right position as I am choosy, but each time I decided a job wasn't right for me they didn't criticize my reasoning but just persevered in finding what would eventually be the perfect fit for me.”


JB, Nanny

“Their honest and respectful approach was such a positive experience that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!”


SS, Client

“Fantastic service - scrupulously honest, very discreet, and a pleasure to work with. British American has staffed my entire home and I couldn't be happier.”


PP, Client

“What can you say about BAHS? It is a unique agency because it genuinely cares about people looking for staff and for the people looking for a new position.”


CAR, Newborn Care Specialist

“If you are looking for excellent and professional staffing in your home, British American Household Staffing is the way to go. They are very prompt, courteous and friendly with great respect for prospective clients as well as candidates.”


CA, Client

“I recently utilized BAHS to help me find a nanny for my seven year old daughter.  I can't say enough good things about the quality of the service; they really listened to my needs, and only sent me candidates who met my criteria and who were really interested in working with my family.”


SR, Client

“Once you are part of the BAHS family they will truly work with you to support your family and get you the best possible staff - and always make you feel understood and with respect for your privacy.”


HS, Nanny

“As a trained British nanny with many years experience in the business, I am happy to say Anita definitely runs her agency similar to the good old fashioned agencies in London. Anita was extremely patient and professional and understood the necessity of the right fit.”


KW, Career Nanny

“Everyone I met that works for the agency was professional and made my job search easy. The office is gorgeous and they really listen to what you’re looking for and won't waste your time with jobs that don't meet your criteria. They tried to get to know me, my personality and my approach to childcare so they could find families that would be a good fit beyond just surface level qualifications.”


JC, Nanny

“The staff was genuinely invested in my success; real care was taken to match me with the right family FOR ME. Entire process was pleasant and easy, and in the end they found me a dream job! What more could you want from a staffing agency?”


KJL, Nanny/Housekeeper

“The biggest and most important difference to me between BAHS and other prominent staffing agencies is that they were invested in "matching" me to the right family. This may seem commonplace; however, from my experiences many of the prominent household staffing agencies are primarily interested in pleasing the families, not necessarily protecting or caring as much for the employee.”